Rustem Y. Gibadulin – Project Leader

Director, Russian Institute for Advanced Study at the Moscow Pedagogical University (MSPU-RIAS), Leader of the Jean Monnet Projects. – Graduated from Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (MIFI) as engineer-physicist (1995) and Diplomatic Academy of Ministry of Foreign Affair of Russian Federation as expert in the field of International economic relationship (1999). He is the Founder and the first Director of Russian Institute for Advanced Study at the Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities (2012–2015). His previous work experience include: Government of Moscow city, Department of Architecture and City Planning of the Moscow, Analytical and Information Centre, Deputy Director; Russian State Duma, Assistant to Deputy of State Duma (The Committee on Foreign Affairs); Russian Cultural Foundation. He has also a wide experience in publishing activity as Deputy Director General and Chief editor of the publishing house “Insan”. Author of computer supported translation system for Turkic languages (Tatar, Crimean Tatar).

E-mail: rias.mggu@gmail.com  


Ilona Kiss – Academic Coordinator

Senior Research Fellow at RIAS-MSPU, professor of comparative literature studies, MSPU.  PhD in Theory of Literature and History of Slavic Literatures. Prior to joining MSPU, pursued public policy and diplomatic carrier (2003-2012): counsellor on EU affairs at Budapest Local Government and Budapest Office in Brussels; advisor on international academic cooperation, ELTE University, Faculty of Humanities; director of the Hungarian Cultural Centre in Moscow, cultural counsellor at Hungarian Embassy in Russia. As programme manager (1995-2002) coordinated legal and education projects in former Soviet countries at the Constitutional and Legal Policy Institute affiliated with the Budapest Open Society Institute (OSI-COLPI). As editor-in-chief of the Hungarian journal ”Beszélő” (former ’samizdat’) and author, focused on Central and East European transition issues.  Since 1988 translated and edited a number of books and works of Russian philosophers and writers. Frequent speaker at international conferences. Her studies on Russian literature and cross-cultural issues are published in Russian, Hungarian and English.

E-mail: kissilona55@gmail.com


Lyudmila V. Dudova – Editor-in-Chief of the teaching materials

Vice-rector for interregional and international relations of Moscow Pedagogical State University, associate professor, candidate of philological sciences (MPSU, 1985). – Graduated from Khabarovsk State Pedagogical Institute (1975). Professional interests include the perception of Russia and Russian culture in the world, the teachers training in the information society and a multicultural educational environment; teaching Russian as a non-native language. – Has 117 publications, including training manuals for the pedagogical education,  methodology of language and literatur education for schools. Authored the Russian language textbook for Arab schoolchildren of Syria (2016).– She has numerous state and departmental awards, incl. "Honored Worker of Higher  Professional Education of the Russian Federation" (2013); "Recognition from the President of the Russian Federation for conscientious work" (2014), etc. – Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, аnd of a number the professional associasions. - Under her leadership, a significant research projects are being conducted, e. g. "Model of the network interaction of educational institutions in the process of implementation of continuous philological education in the sociocultural environment of the megapolis" of Moscow (2013-2014), etc.
E-mail: lv.dudova@mpgu.edu


Olga A. Antropova – Expert on Sociology and Economy of Migration

Head of Academic Coordination Department, Russian Institute for Advanced Study at the Moscow Pedagogical University (MSPU-RIAS). – Graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University, Sociology (1996), State University of management (1998).  PhD in Economics (Lomonosov Moscow State University (2010). – Her research experience include: Plekhanov University of Economics, Academy of Labour and Social Relations; Сenter of science statistics, Ministry of Education and Science RF. Participated in a number of research projects in on migration processes in Russia and in Moscow;  evaluation of Russia's ratification of the International Labour Organization conventions on migration, incl. the labour and social protection.



Elena A. Omelchenko – Expert on Training of the Teachers’ Intercultural Competence

PhD in History, Director of the Centre for Historical and Cultural Studies of Religion and Inter-Civilizational Ralations, Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPSU). Academic secretary of the journal „Etnodialogi”. Author of a number of training manuals an studies on the related topic.

etno1@dol.ru; ea.omelchenko@mgpu.edu


Anna A. Shevtsova – Expert on Special pedagogy of Migrant Children  

Professor at the Research Centre of Cultural History, Religion and Intercivilization Relations, Institute for Humanities,  Moscow Pedagogical State University, MPSU. Doctor of the Science of History. Еditor-in-Chief of the journal „Etnodialogi”. Author of a numerous interdisciplinary studies on the problems of the ethnicity and migration in Russian and English. Developted a special museum-pedagogical methodology of socio-cultural adaptaiton of migrants and their children, using the results of her fieldworks in the European museums.

E-mail: ash@inbox.ru


Yury A. Goryachev – Expert on the pedagogy of migrants’ children

PhD in History, Advisor to the Rector MPSU. President of the „Etnosphera” Centre for support ot the interethnic education. The previous experience includes: Head of the UNESCO Department „Policultural education and integration of the  migrants’ children at schools”; Dean of the Faculty of International Education at the Moscow Institute of Open Education. Published a number of training manuals and studies.

E-mail: ya.goryachev@mpgu.edu


Prof. Dr. György Csepeli – Expert on the International Comparative Analyses

Advisor for RIAS-MPSU. Professor Emeritus, Budapest University ELTE, Faculty of Social Sciences; Senior Researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies Kőszeg, Hungary. – His previous experience include both academic and public policy positions: Chair, Department of Sociology, ELTE, Budapest; Permanent Visiting Professor, University of Gorizia; Visiting Professor, Montclair State University; Member of ERCOMER (Utrecht). He worked in the positions of Member of the Council of National Office of Research and Technology; Public Policy Director, Prime Minister's Office, Hungary; Public Policy Director, Ministry of Economy and Transport, Hungary; Political State Secretary, Ministry of Informatics and Communication etc. – Authored, co-authored and edited more the 30 academic volumes. Published more than 150 articles in Hungarian, English, Russian and other languages. Participated a number of international research projects. Focus of his academic interests: Cultural Anthropology and Social Psychology of the current ethnic relations and construction of the Nation in Eastern and Central Europe; Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations etc.

E-mail: csepeli.gyorgy@gmail.com


Elena B. Yatsenko – Expert on the Russian Migration Policy

Advisor for RIAS-MPSU; Chairman of the Board of the Eurasia Heritage Foundation (since 2013); President of the Eurasia Heritage Foundation (2004- 2013) –  leading NGO in Russia for analysis and forecasting of socioeconomic processes in the New Independent States (NIS). In this capacity, she completed several research and publication projects: http://www.fundeh.org/projects/ Main research fields: labour migration from CIS countries to Russia, transformation of identity of labour migrants; educational migration from CIS and Baltic countries; Russian / Russian speaking citizens in EU; geopolitical problems of Diaspora; role of civil society and government in the solution of migration problems. Author of articles on migration in leading Russian print media: “Vedomosti”, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, “Politicheskiy zhurnal”, “Smysl” etc. - Her policy experience includes: Head of Department of international development assistance (IDA) –The Federal Agency of compatriots living abroad and international humanitarian cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo, 2013 – 2015); Head of Department, Presidential Administration, RF (1994–1998); Member of the Scientific Council of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation; -of the Expert Council of the Commission of the RF Federal Council on humanitarian and technical cooperation; - of the Coordination Council of the Business Center for Economic Development of the CIS; - of the Kazakh-Russian Expert Council; etc.

E-mail: aelena@mail.ru; info@fundeh.org


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